Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years ago today I was asleep in my little room in Discovery Bay. I woke up because as usual my mom had the morning news on way too loud. Then I heard her say "I can't believe this is happening". At that time the second plane hit. I heard my mom yell in horror. So then I turned on my TV. I'm sure this is an average story.

It's weird to think about now. I was thirteen at the time. I was busy thinking about what I wanted for my birthday. Last year I almost forgot about my birthday.

I remember I couldn't fully understand why anyone would attack us. I was always told that we were the greatest country on earth. I mean we were supposed to be the worlds super power country. We were the ones that went into other countries when they needed help. Why would anyone want to attack us. I just didn't understand.

From that point on my life was filled with discussion. Everyone had their opinion. Even if you didn't ask them. A classmate of mine was middle eastern, she was really good friend of mine. Later when everyone knew who was responsible for the attacks; a big fat kid went up to my friend and said "No offense but I hate your people". To this day I wish I had the balls to go kick that guys ass. But I was a scrawny thirteen year old and that thought never crossed my mind.

A few months later I was getting picked up from school by my buddies dad. All of a sudden an old beat up car bolted down the road followed by two cops. This was quite the sight to see in Knightsen. The car swerved into a dirt field and lead the cops in a circle twice then got back on the road and sped off. We all were amazed that we had just seen a good old Dukes of Hazzard chase. I said "Do you think the car was stolen?". Then my friends dad said "I don't know but I can tell you one thing if Osama Bin Laden was in that car I'd take this van t-bone his ass". Even at that age I was thinking the same thing I think about that statement. What the fuck!?!

So my life really didn't change much. Of course I've had various 9/11 conspiracy arguments (And I'm not going to argue about it now. If you feel like hearing my opinion on that matter just bring it up in conversation). But I'd have found something else argue about. September 11th to me was the day I woke up from childhood and realized there was more to this world then I was taught at school. I felt as if the evils of the world were shown to me that day.

It's hard to say what would be different had those planes were shot out of the sky or something, anything. But there nothing that could be done about tragedy. We morn those who died, we hate those who caused, and we discuss with those who are just as confused as we are.

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