Sunday, July 10, 2011


Alcohol, that's right I’m writing about alcohol before weed. Since I drank beer before I smoked a joint I only see it fit to have my blog do the same. I find it so strange that something can have such a negative effect on my life and yet I love it. Now, I’m no alcoholic. But holly shit have I known some. I think if you live life to a certain point your bound to befriend one. Maybe without even knowing it.

I grew up with alcohol around me. This isn’t that far off from most families in America. In fact I’d say it is the norm.

I really think the fact that I don’t abuse the liquor has a lot to do with my parents. You see they didn’t hide it from me. In fact the first beer I ever drank was with my Dad. One time I was really upset about something (I can’t really remember what it was about) and I ask my mom if I could have a beer and my mom told me no. She said that I can’t drink to relieve any kind of pain. I am just now truly applying that to my life.

One of the saddest things you could see is a big fat guy at a bar drinking his memories away. What is with alcohol being an escape? I see it time and time again. There is something abut alcohol that really sticks with people who are trying to forget. For me I’m spending to much time to remember anything long term. I don’t see the point of forgetting.

But hey I’m not judging. I have no clue what its like to truly be a drunk. And I have no idea what their life was like.

For me it’s one of the most fun drugs you can use. I love to throw down shots of tequila and actually have a good time. Because when everyone else is drunk and you aren’t it fucking sucks. Plus I’m still at that age where it’s still okay to do stupid shit when your drunk. I try not to break shit and I don’t hurt anyone. I just sometimes like to put on a banana suit and start trying to do karate moves. Nothing wrong with that.

And you don’t get addicted right away. It really takes a certain personality to become an alcoholic. Like I said there’s just some people who are drawn to the drink. And is always the most depressed people. But the alcohol doesn’t help, it just makes them more depressed. Not to mention the people around them. It’s such stupid cycle.

It’s really not about health for me. Well, it is for myself. But what it comes down to is if you want to fuck up you body go ahead. But you’ve got to understand that shit thats bad for your body is bad for a reason. No one should want to live that life of being constantly unhappy except for those few hours when your really wasted.

Look I think you get the point of this blog. Go have a fucking awesome night out. But when your always looking for that escape just know thats not a good thing. And listen I know that I’m saying shit people have said before. And I’m not trying to preach. I’m just trying to say that I don’t get it.

If you’ve noticed these blogs are usually indecisive. I’ll explain why when we get to that topic.

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