Saturday, July 9, 2011


The importance of happiness can’t be stressed enough by nearly everyone on earth. But does that mean “if it feels good do it”? Not at all. A lot of the time what feels good can be bad for you. Drugs, gambling, masturbating, Oreos, they all have a chance at being addicting. So where does true happiness come from? Within?

“True happiness comes from within.” Now what the fuck does that mean? Where did the phrase come from? A quick google search came up with nothing. But let’s think about that word within. It makes it sound like you have to literally squeeze the happiness out of yourself. But maybe that's it. Well, not literally. True happiness must already be inside you. You just have to unlock it somehow.

So what is true happiness? Technically happiness usually comes from the chemical serotonin in you brain. But all you MDMA users already know that. Now that brings up a good point. By using drugs to make you happy are you then achieving true happiness? I would say no. But by definition I guess the answer would be yes.

You see anything that causes instant gratification can make you happy but it wont stay that way. You can jack off all you want. But real soon your cum is going to be all watery and it really wont feel as good as the first time of the day.

So I guess we shouldn’t just be looking for true happiness. We really should be looking for sustaining happiness. How can you feel good about your self more consistently during the day?

Well, there isn’t just one answer to that. But I’m sure you’ve heard them all before. Sunshine, a clean living environment, and heathy food are all great. But you didn’t start reading this mess of words to read some shit you’ve heard your whole life.

What do I think?

Fuck man, if you for some reason thought I might actually have an answer here. I’ll tell you now, I don’t (but you should know that).

You see no one has the answer to sustaining happiness except for yourself. No one knows how you feel. How could they? If you’ve ever been depressed like I have. You know that no one can tell you that they know how you feel. They will never be you and you will never be them.

So you have to ask yourself. You have to find your answer.

You have to really look at your life and ask yourself what really making you unhappy. Then you need to change that to a positive. It’s no easy task. But you can fucking do it. So maybe true happiness does come from within. Just not as you’d expect.

And look maybe all of this shit is me talking out of my ass and none of it makes any sense. At least writing it made me feel happy about myself. And thats all I really care about. That’s the only reason I started this damn thing anyway. It’s not really for you, it’s for me. But thanks for reading anyway.

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