Saturday, July 9, 2011


Can we ever truly achieve justice? At what point is it right to punish the wrong? I’ve been thinking about that a lot this past week. I mean, there's always the obvious question of the death penalty. But even in it’s simplest form criminal punishment always brings up those questions.

So let’s start of by asking how justice really works in our society. If you’ve been caught shoplifting (which I have). They slap you with a fine and community service. Now say you get caught again with in a year. Obviously something is wrong here. If you didn’t learn your lesson the first time who’s to say you wont do it again and again? So we send your ass off to jail. Only hold on wait your now a person with a criminal mind, off to a place with more fucked up and angry criminal minds.

So now your leaving prison as a man/woman who feels like the system has fucked them over. Plus the whole time you were in jail you spent all your time talking to fucked up insane people. Your whole perception of the world must be completely different from when you went in. I don’t really see how this problem got solved.

Now let me just take a moment to clear the air. I understand that in some cases jail time really has turned some people around. It always makes me feel good when I meet a well adjusted person who’s gone through that system. But let’s be honest, a vast majority of the people in prison will be right back there. Sometimes for something even worse.

You can also say that people can fall back into bad patterns when they come back to their life with the same bad people. But I can go on and on about the problems.

What I don’t see is a solution.

Here’s a mostly not serious solution. How about we just take a huge chunk out of Mexico. You know not the coast line. Let them keep their tourism. Then we let all the mexican people into the US of A or to the place of their choice. I’m sure their would be a few old people set in their ways. But who cares fuck them, they’re fucking up my solution. Blow up the cocksuckers for all I care (note if you’re reading this you should know how to tell if someone is serious or not).

So bam, we’ve got a big empty space in Mexico. Now you take all the violent offenders, child molesters, mob bosses, psychopaths, and drug lords and fucking deport their ass. And while your at it take all the sunscreen out of the place. Let them fry.

That’s two problems solved. Nobel prize please.

Then what we’ll have is a relatively easy to control prison system. No one gets let out early and we save a shit load of money on taxes.

I don’t really think their could possibly be a system that rehabilitates at one-hundred percent success rate. But I do know that it will get worse before it gets better.

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