Thursday, July 7, 2011


I always spend time thinking about what’s wrong with people. I never stop to think about whats wrong with me. Look at me I’m poor, stinky, and a complete cynical asshole. You see when your living in this body you see everything in your own way. What I mean by that is you never can never look at the world threw another persons eyes.

But isn’t that what we need. Is there some way we can view ourselves the way other perceive us? Just by doing that I think the we could change the whole world. If people could just know what everyone else is thinking about them maybe we’d have less douchbags.

Think about what an amazing invention that would be. If we could somehow download this persons feelings and memories into our own brain. We would be much more understanding when the cashier types in the code for the expensive grapes instead of the discounted one you picked out. And maybe the cashier himself will feel fine about it when you ask him to correct his mistake. And maybe that guy behind you in line will hang up his cell phone and take the rest of the call outside. Then what we have is an honest society. Unlike what we have now.

Or it would totally fuck up our brains and we could start running around like crazy people, murdering each other.

But it’s a very human thing, to judge.

I see hipsters walking down the street. Instantly I judge him. But what if this guys a cool guy? What if he’s into the exact same shit as me? That is possible isn’t it. That two people who dress and present themselves in completely different ways could be relatively the same person. So what should I go talk to this dude? No, you would look like a fucking crazy person. “Hi I just want to let you know I think you look like a complete fucking douchebag but we might have some shit in common”. At that point you might as well just ask him to let you suck his dick cuz at least it would be an interesting story for his friends. Unless he’s gay. But at that point what’s the worst that could happen? You go around the corner suck his dick and he squirts in your eye. Few weeks later when you have herpes in your eye you’ll have an interesting story for your friends.

Anyway, like I was saying you never know what other peoples lives are like. So you’ll never be able to correctly jude someone. So you shouldn’t. And I know I’m more guilty of this than anyone. And no offense but you are too.

Why is that? Why must we always look at other people as the problem? What we should be doing is looking at our selves and asking our selves. Am I’m doing the right thing? Am I living my life in a good way? Am I good to others? Am I doing the best I can do?

Now that’s an interesting question. Am I doing the best I can do? I’m sure most of us at least are trying. Is trying the best really doing the best? Now I confused myself.

Let’s end this so let’s end this before I totally mess up your heads.

I’ll just end with this. The next time you look at the way someone presents themselves stop and think about how you must seem to them.


  1. Wow, my judgmental Dan is giving in!! You, the one who made me feel a lil ok whenever I felt like criticizing someone, is telling the world to stop and think. Nice one, boobie. I like the idea of being empathetic, in fact, I live by that. So much that, sometimes, it prevents me from speaking up or putting myself out there because I see all different points of view as reasonable because they can all be justified by different life experiences. Now, how do you determine what's right or wrong? Should I just consider what I see by what I understand or should I try to balance out whatever is right for me? Meaning, what's interesting to me. How do we balance good common sense with personal interest?
    Good to see u writing.
    big kiss

  2. You need not let the assholes a head and let the little guy know he's doing alright. You've got to understand you can't be empathetic to everyone because a lot of people aren't doing the same as you. Those people are sociopaths and there's a lot of them.